Black Butler Vol 8 by Yana Toboso

Vol 8 Random thoughts while reading (for manga I think it would be easier to review if I keep track of my thoughts while reading it. Instead of trying to write something up when I am finished and not give the story away.)

Finnian - what does S-012 mean? what injections?

Poor little Wendy, her outfit is actually the one I would love to see in colour. You get a tiny peek on the back of the vol but it's not up close or detailed.

I would seriously like to know if the flour theory is right? You have flour tossed into the air of a room and you throw a match in will it go KABOOM?
It's so nice to see the Phantomhive hired help in action. I wonder what their specialities are? I like how wiki explained each characters speciality but it goes past the manga that has been published so it kinda ruined it for me. Plus I am refusing to watch the anime because I want to keep the surprise in the book and as much as I hate waiting it is fun to have something to look forward to!

Grim Reapers have strange weapons!

Ciel and Elizabeth's Easter Outfit are so cute! I would love to have something hand tailored one day!

AND I love the ending!! Perfect! TTYL! Happy Reading!