Shadow of the Sun by Laura Kreitzer

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Shadow of the Sun by Laura Kreitzer (Timeless Series Book #1)
My first thoughts... not a fan of the cover.... my next thoughts - within the first six chapters I am already confused. In one  line she says "No we aren't some mythical creature sent from some almighty god." and the next "I'm sworn to protect you. I'm your guardian angel, of course." I feel that throughout the story there was many conflicting lines and after a bit I just decided to ignore the conflict and enjoy the characters. Once I did that I really started the book. 

There were some great parts to the book, but overall I think the main character annoyed me to much. She was so self involved. She didn't have to fight they were there to forget her and then they go on to say she doesn't have to sacrifice anymore because she has already given up so much to protect her friends. But I feel all she did was learn that her reality was not what she had always thought. The most she did was take some charge when they were escaping. As much as the story was a complete cliffhanger I enjoyed the last few pages more than the rest of the book. She stood up and became was she should have been. If that makes sense.

The only other thing I have to mention is her relationship with Andrew. While at first I really liked it, it soon became way to obsessive. I usually don't like instant fall in love, in this case it worked at the beginning but got drawn out and way overdone. It actually annoyed me, how he was a perfect gentleman but ... gah

All in all I am definitely finding book number two. I want to see how our main character finishes the battle. 

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