The Hunger Games

The MOVIE!!! We saw it Friday and it was.... fantastic and well lots of things.

They followed the story perfectly. It was so beautiful! (in the fact that they followed the story... how many director's actually do that!) The people they choose were perfect! My favourite being Caesar Flickerman played by Stanley Tucci

I will definitely be seeing this in theatres again. I just have one disappointment... and that is the quality - grainy scenes, shaky camera syndrome, way to many trees. But I decided to focus mainly on the story and not the quality to which it was brought to life and that is where they did a fantastic job.

MY Book Lover Friend got me this pen too! Which I tweetered about because it was just so fantastic!!

Oh, and check out MovieBob's review of the Hunger Games... as much as it's kinda annoying, I still love what he says about names, and then how he says Katniss Everdean.