Pyxis: The Discovery (Pyxis, #1) by K.C. Neal

I heard about a free copy of this book through K.C. Neal's twitter posts. Twitter is an amazing tool!! follow me ;)

Pyxis: The Discovery (Pyxis, #1) by K.C. Neal

I've heard so much about this book that I just wanted to love it. But I just don't... it's a good story and there's definitely parts where I was completely absorbed and didn't notice my music changing from song to song. But then there was the main character is is so very self involved but tries to be selfless, like this for example

"Some people might stick it in the microwave for a few seconds but not me."

Ah, so...
and then there was this line

"I bit my lips to stifle a snicker and handed the flask back to Mason."

Why would you want to be proud of the fact that you are drinking behind your supposed Best Friends back while she is being kind enough to drive your lazy ass to the dance. In the end I was tired of Corinne but I love Mason, I feel sorry for Angeline. The part I would be looking forward to the most is Angeline's relationship... not really the rest of the story.
I think to much hype ruined the story for me. K.C. Neal's writing is amazing and she weaves a great story, it just wasn't mine today.