the Telling by Beverly Lewis

My EReader died so I had to pick up another book while it charged. I needed something completely different than A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin because that would get confusing and so I went the Amish route and picked up the Telling by Beverly Lewis.

I love Amish stories. I would love to try their pies or Apple Butter or even just a loaf of bread. The hutterites up here have some pretty interesting things to, but the Amish are different in the fact that they don't have cell-phones or vehicles. The Amish stick to tradition, no matter what.

This story is very interesting. But I could guess how it ended by the third chapter. It still however made me cry. Heather's journey and treatment are most interesting and I would love to look more into what the treatment was all about and see if such a thing exists because I have a friend who has aggressive cancer and the treatment centre really made me think.

Gracie and Lettie are interesting characters but the one I enjoyed the most this round was Judah, Lettie's husband and Gracie's father. How he handles things is wonderful and he truly loves Lettie.

This was the perfect story to read in the mist of great battles the Night Watch and wildlings...