The Elegance of the Hedgehog

This is post number 25 since I started reading this book. All but one will be on my Jane Austen Blog. While this may not be as many as I usually do for Jane Austen books, my understanding of this book is not as great as my understanding of Jane Austen. I am still confused by many of the theories and things that were written. To be honest I don't know if I would ever understand. I don't know if I would ever read this book again, purely because I don't understand. That said it is a fantastic book, interesting read and complicated to write about.

Renee Michels 54 years old - A Concierge
pages 13-17, 27-32, 38-46, 49-51, 54-62, 67-73, 76-79, 84-87, 92-97, 101-106, 111-120, 129-134, 142-150, 157-161, 169-179, 182-186, 192-200, 207-210, 215-230, 237-248, 255-266, 269-285, 288-316.

Paloma Josse 12 years old daughter of rich parents
pages 18-23, 33-37, 47-48, 52-53, 63-66, 74-75, 80-83, 88-91, 98-100, 107-110, 121-125, 135-141, 151-156, 162-166, 180-181, 187-191, 201-206, 211-214, 231-234, 249-254, 267-268, 286-287, 317-320.

Favourite Pages
Pgs 63-66 - the meeting of the two dogs
Pgs 70-72 - last moments with Lucien
Pgs 297 - counting whiling getting ready for her date
Pgs 301-303 - descriptions of Japanese Cuisine while on her date

Favorite Quote (I actually have dozens of favourite quotes.. go through these posts to find them, this is just one I had not yet mentioned)
Pg 241

“it is patently clear,” she says, “that you are very intelligent”
And since I am too taken aback to say anything else:
“You have found a good hiding place.”

Oh my goodness. how sad. I totally didn’t expect that to happen. What an ending. Renee just dies... the unexpected a flower shop van hits her and she dies. Her dying words are beautiful and it is so sad.

I rated it 3 Stars on Goodreads. While I really enjoy it, I don't like the fact that there's so much I didn't understand. The story is so good, but I need fully understand to rate a book higher.

♥ Namine ♥