Author's A to Z

Welcome to this years 2012 Author’s A to Z Project hosted by the Proud Book Nerd! I am beyond excited to be participating this year and have worked very hard to get Author’s for ever letter. Be sure to leave a comment here and to check out our hosts Author’s as well!! Thanks for dropping by
E LAST YEAR Patricia Elliot
- Two Mood Princess by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

The letter E is being represented by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban who wrote Two Moon Princess, which I read via NetGalley October 2011. I read this on a stretch of great books. But I remember this one because it had the journey like Narnia. You travelled between two worlds. But there is where the likeness of the Narnian world and this world ends.
This is what my review said:
“Andrea is a great character. I could picture her as a child playing with the other boys and getting into fights. Her spirit was brilliant and I liked that it stuck throughout the book. I am so happy with the ending and how she fell in love with the right person.”
I also mentioned that I loved this book but hated this cover and that I should design my own. Maybe I will one day, but for now I will just remember the story!

A little about Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban from her website
My writing career started when I came to live in Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Following my first sale, a magazine article on latex allergy, I published four books for Chelsea House (Facts on File): Heroin, Ritalin, Mad Cow Disease, and Lung Cancer. I have also written three short scripts for young children for a Pharmaceutical Company.
As a fiction writer, I have published three short stories on the literary magazine Errata. One of them, a variation on O. Henry's short story ‘The Marry Month of May,’ won second prize in the 2004 Bucks County Writers Workshop Summer Contest.
Two Moon Princess is my first book.

While researching I discovered that Carmen has written a Sequel called The King in the Stone. Can’t wait until that is published and I can read it!