Author's A to Z

Welcome to this years 2012 Author’s A to Z Project hosted by the Proud Book Nerd! I am beyond excited to be participating this year and have worked very hard to get Author’s for ever letter. Be sure to leave a comment here and to check out our hosts Author’s as well!! Thanks for dropping by!

F LAST YEAR Becca Fitzpatrick
What I like most about Beth Fantaskey, is she goes the extra mile and writes about the Wedding and you find that little more you always dream about getting in the story

10 Random Things About Beth Fantaskey (taken off her website)
1. My favorite hobby is traveling the world - but my biggest fear is flying.

2. My second-biggest fear is public speaking… but I’m a college professor (who sometimes teaches public speaking!)

3. I have two 5-year-old kids - who AREN’T twins.

4. My weirdest work experience was helping to “tan” deer hides using cow brains. (I was actually writing a magazine story about it.)

5. I’ve only been fired once, from a job as a bookstore clerk.

6. My best educational experience was doing research in India on the Dalit (“untouchable”) struggle for human rights. (See

7. My worst experience, ever, was getting food poisoning while riding my bike from the Missouri River to the Mississippi. (My friend told me the chicken tasted strange…)

8. Whenever I visit a new country, I try as many ketchups as I can. (Best: Poland, Worst: China)

9. I am an uncommonly bad volleyball player… ask the team that ALMOST won a championship.

10. I also suffer from mild “ichthyphobia,” or “fear or fish.” I don’t bother trying to overcome that one!