Author's A to Z

Welcome to this years 2012 Author’s A to Z Project hosted by theProud Book Nerd! I am beyond excited to be participating this year and have worked very hard to get Author’s for ever letter. Be sure to leave a comment here and to check out our hosts Author’s as well!! Thanks for dropping by!
T LAST YEAR Natsuki Takaya and Yana Toboso

- Living with feet to big for a glass slipper by Lynne Tapper
I remember when this book came in the mail! I remember exactly what I am wearing I actually have a picture of it (see below), I also remember the looks Mr. gave me when I continually laughed out loud at random moments while reading this book!

How can you not enjoy a book with character names such as these

Princess Innocent
Prince Bad Boy
Baron Booty
Marchioness Mostess
Lord Lie-A-Lot
Countess Confidence
Sir Shake and Peer
Prince Fear

While writing this post I went searching for the other two books in the series, but it looks like they haven’t been released yet and I couldn’t find any dates. Can’t wait to get them!
me with the book!!