Author's A to Z

Welcome to this years 2012 Author’s A to Z Project hosted by theProud Book Nerd! I am beyond excited to be participating this year and have worked very hard to get Author’s for ever letter. Be sure to leave a comment here and to check out our hosts Author’s as well!! Thanks for dropping by!
U LAST YEAR Hal Urban (and I don’t even remember who he was... thank goodness I can rereason my own posts!)

- Stepping on Roses by Rinko Ueda

Another Manga

A rags-to-riches romance from the creator of "Tail of the Moon" Poor Sumi Kitamura... Her irresponsible older brother Eisuke keeps bringing home orphans for her to take care of even though they can barely afford their own basic needs Just when Sumi's financial problems become dire, wealthy Soichiro Ashida enters her life with a bizarre proposition--he'll provide her with the money she so desperately needs if she agrees to marry him. But can Sumi pull off fooling high society into thinking she's a proper lady? Moreover, is it worth it to give everything up for this sham of a marriage?

This one actually reminds me of a TV Series I started to watching Jane by Design... the unrealistic happens and the girl has to try to make it in both worlds. I just hope that the manga will be better executed than the TV show was.