Author's A to Z

Welcome to this years 2012 Author’s A to Z Project hosted by theProud Book Nerd! I am beyond excited to be participating this year and have worked very hard to get Author’s for ever letter. Be sure to leave a comment here and to check out our hosts Author’s as well!! Thanks for dropping by!
W LAST YEAR Brent Weeks

- The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

I remember the crazy email I sent out for book club. I was high on something and so very excited to be hosting!!

And this is what I wrote for part of my review

The Poison Diaries is so full of innocence and wonder you just fall in love and then WHAM you get slammed with a complete game changer! I am very glad this is the first book in the series (just got to talk Mr. into letting me buy Nightshade now!). Side note, I am not a fan of the cover, in fact I really wish the cover was a garden like the website. I think it would have more meaning to it. Especially because I can't see Jessamine wearing a strapless dress.