The Tiger Saga Book 1

Tigers Curse by Colleen Houck

I devoured this book in two days.
I live big cats. Growing up I was always a big sleek panther who sat high above in the trees watching all the other children prance around being dogs or horses. I would think how much better or pretty or faster I was than all of them (yea I was a pretty obnoxious panther)

This book brought all those memories back with the gorgeous tale of the tigers and a beautiful unusual white tiger at that. I'm not sure what I was expecting, I base everything on the cover I find and don't even read the backs anymore, but I didn't except a beautiful strong female lead who made the most interesting choice in the end. The time limit was a very interesting concept and I really liked how it stayed consistent.

The caste system is most interesting… They described it a little but I would love to learn more.
Kshatriya Caste
India has four castes, or varnas, similar to different social classes: the Brahmins are teachers, priests, and scholars; the Kshatriyas are rulers and protectors; the Vaishyas are farmers and traders; and the Shudras are craft workers and servants. There are also different levels in each caste.
I have never read a book based on Indian mythology, stories, and castes. I definitely want more

There was one major disgusting point and I’ve decided to quote it for you

“He took a step closer to the corner. I reluctantly took a step closer too. The bugs had shiny black exoskeletons, sex hairy legs, quivering antennae, and two pointed mandibles on the front that clacked back and forth like sharp scissors. Some of the bugs cracked open thick black wings and hummed heavily as they flew to the opposite wall. The prickly legs of other bugs stuck to the wall.”

So I’ve given you a gross quote here’s a more pleasant one

Mae West, a famous vaudeville actress, once said, “A man’s kiss is his signature.” I greened to myself. If that was true, then Ren’s signature was the John Hancock of kisses.

And because this is much of a review… another quote (just know that I loved the book and I could barely wait to finish up this review to get to book two)

I yelled, “Wait, Kishan! I don’t even know what to wear!”
He shouted back over his shoulder, “Ask Kadam. He knows everything!”
And boy does Kadam know everything!!