The Tiger Saga Book 2

Tiger's Quest by Colleen Houck

While the books are over three hundred pages long they aren't taking me long to read. Plus I am dreaming constantly about the beautiful tigers when I am asleep so the story is aways in my head. I enjoyed this story even more than the first and yet I didn't like it as much nearer the end. I wanted more of Ren not of Kishan. And to be honest I am getting tired of books where there is one girl being fought over by two amazingly hot men. It's irrariting. And I didn't think this story was going to be that way, but the last fourth of the book suddenly went that way and I am disappointed that it did. It was a twist I wasn't expecting and yet knew it would happen.

The descirption of her clothes were wonderful

"peach princess dress made of satin and organza. the top had a fitted corset that flowed into a peach calf-length petal skirt"

and the food! Oh my goodness

"The bride and groom performed a candle-lighting seremony to honor their ancestors, and then dinner was served: fish to symbolize abudance, a whole lobster to reprsent completeness, Peking duck for joy and happiness, shark fin soup to grant wealth, noodles for long life, and sea cucumber salad for marital harmony. Li tried to get me to taste sweet lotus seed buns that symbolized fertility."
I definitely want to make this cake!
"A handful of dances later, a three-tiered cake was brought out. The insaide was orange, and the outside was decorated with pearly almond-flavored icing and beautiful sugar orchids."

Then there's all the words that for the most part they don't translate. I am very curious of the meaning.
Iadala - dear one
Rajkumari - princess
Priyatama - lover
Pralobhan - siren song or siren temptation
Kamina - rascal
Hridaya patni - wife of my heart

And to end some favorite quotes

-My life as a tiger has tuaght me that persistence and diligence always pay off. Consider yourself forewarned, priyatama. I'm on the hunt. I;ve caught your secent, and I won't be thwarted in my course.

 -She stretched out a soft hand to my cheek and caught a glistening teardrop. I watched as it hardened and became a twinkling diamond sitting on top o fher fingertip. She gave it to Kishan, who was delighted with the gift.

 -Fairies are born of roses. When the bloom is spent, we leave it to seed. A bud sweels, and when the time is right, a fairy is born with winds and the colour of the bloom.