The Tiger Saga Book 3

Tiger's Voyage by Colleen Houck

The love triangle.

Ren would bombard me with questions every morning. He'd answer questions I'd long forgotten and talk about things he'd been thinking about all afternoon as a tiger and couldn't tell me
Kishan was the opposite. He was still, silent. He like to just be, just feel, just experience the things around him. When he drank a root beer float, he delighted in the experience and gave 100 percent of his attention to it. He soaked in his environment, and was happy keeping to himself. 

In the end I found the triangle more annoying and frustrating than anything. I just wanted her to choose Ren and be done with it. She had Ren from the beginning why now in the last half of the third book would you suddenly change your freaking mind after fighting for him. It pissed me off, especially cause of the connections she felt, she doesn't get that way with Kishan and he even knows it and would totally get it. GRRRR

List of words I debated on Researching to find their meanings and then decided I was to lazy... but I listed them anyways
Ama sunahara
Dupatta pavitra
subhaga jadugarni
mohini stri
baigan bharta
sukhada motha
meri aadoo
Alagan Dhiren
hridaya patni
dil ke dadkan
anmol mti
Mujhe tumse pyarhai

The food and clothing descriptions were amazing as usual!!

 -She was already dressed in a burnt orange lehenga with a velvet blouse that had silk applique. Crystals, beads, sequins, and cut glass embellished her skirt and dupatta.
 -We had spicy peach chutney on crackers, samosas, and little cups of baigan bharta, which turned out to be eggplant charred over a flame, peeled, and mashed with yogurt and spices.
 -They offered roasted, buttered corn on the cob; fresh coconut; sliced tropical fruits; lamb kebabs; idli, which were savory steamed cakaes dipped in chutney; cheese-filled dosas similar to crepes; daigi roast (sort of like spicy hot wings); and dabeli pao, which looked like miniature hamburgers, but the butter-toasted bun was filled with potatoes, onions, and spices and was served with tamarind chutney. Not exactrly a cheeseburger, but they were good. 

My favorite dragon was definitely the gold dragon. He was sneaky but not in a brutal way like the green dragon. Though I have to say the white dragon did come close, he was so beautiful in my head.

The golden dragon threw an angry hand in the air, "Bah! Remind me never to barter again with tigers.:
I snorted, and he narrowed his eyes.
"Or females." He slumped in his seat, took out a bag of jingling coins and began counting them carefully while cleaning them with his sleeve. 

Stories she read to the tigers - The Frog Prince, Tom Thumb, and The Lady and the Lion

Overal I really have enjoyed the series but I did not like the way this book has gone. Plus I thought it was a series of only three books and the ending definitely means it isn't. But I haven't heard of a fourth book! So now I am worried there isn't one.