His Dark Materials Book 1

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

I read this book probably five years ago when the movie had just started being advertised. I remember the great ruckus it caused because it was written by an atheist and I remember that making me want to read it more. I am not really sure why people made a big deal out of it, the big is very much like the Narnia books.

Anyways I saw it in chapters the other day and had to pick it up. I don't believe I ever finished the story, so my goal is to read through all three books this summer and discover the ending.

At first I was very bored with the story. It was until half ways through part 2 when Iorek Byrnison joined the story did I really start to enjoy things.

I think I like Pantalaimon in the form of a Ermine best. Though I think I would rather him settle on something much fiercer like a snow leopard.

Canapes are described in the book and sound delightful. I might even try to make them. I found a few recipes.

And last but not least a quote

"She bent a little and offered her cheek. Lyra had to stand on tiptoe to kiss it. She noticed how smooth it was, and the slight perplexing smell of Mrs. Coulter's flesh: scented, but somehow metallic."

I do wonder if they will ever explain the metallic smell.