Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

Bitterblue is a book I have been waiting for forever! I first heard about it October 7 2010. I did first reviews and second reviews for both books because I couldn't stop myself I had to read them again. It's actually pretty strange and I didn't plan it but I found out the release date of Bitterblue exactly one year after I first wrote about wanting to read it!! Kristin is definitely my favorite author! And I am so happy that I have finally read Bitterblue!!

CAUTION: If you haven't read the first to books of the Graceling Realm beware of spoilers below. 

"The things you want?" Bitterblue repeated acidly. "is that what it's about: things you want? What are these things?"
"Someone who can bear the grievousness of my company, to start with, I'm afraid I insist upon it."

Bitterblue is 18 now and trying to understand the world around her.

The thing that made me most happy in this book was seeing some of my favourite characters a little older and how their relationships have changed. For example Po and Katsa, their love is powerful and strong and it's most interesting watching it from Bitterblue's. Bitterblue hasn't seen any good relationships, her examples of relationships are her parents and look how that turned out! I understand her fascination with Po and Katsa love because I am the same way, while my father didn't kill my mother, my parents relationship is one I want nothing to have. And there's so many other more subtle examples of good relationships Bann and Raffin, Fire and Brigan. 

Other Random Thoughts
-I think my favourite character was Hava. What an interesting ability. 
-I wanted so much more out of Fox.
-I am so happy there was maps and pictures of the bridges. It was so nice to see.