The Demonata #1

Lord Loss by Darren Shan

I was recommended this book by Ky and Lindz. I should have known than at the time that they both enjoy horror movies and their book taste would be along the same lines. I don't ever read horror. Putting rat guts on his sister's towel is totally inexcusable and I can't believe his parents only grounded him for it. That said, while I won't be reading this book at night I still really enjoy the story.

Grubbs Grady is an interesting character. I am not use to reading a book from a male protagonist perspective. Actually I can count on one hand how many male protagonist books I have read Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz and Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. There's maybe one or two that I can't remember but those are definitely the main ones. And neither are horror.

I think what I liked about this series is it was unique and a topic that I haven't seen much of aka Demons. Actually the last good demon books I read was written by Frank Peretti, who's books I now struggle to read because of how preachy they are. The difference between the two though is Frank Peretti's books always felt real. Like that could happen. Where the Demonata series does not, so as much as their is horror I can disassociate it from reality. 

If that makes sense. This isn't a very good book review. The book according to my EReader was only a 105 pages, which is the smallest book I've read in a while. So I am off to see how small/big book two is. 

Happy Reading, thanks for dropping by.