The Demonata #2

Demon Thief by Darren Shan

"I think some parents shouldn't be allowed to name their kids. There should be a committee to forbid names which will cause problems later. I mean, even without the lights, what chance did I have of fitting in with any normal crowd with a name like Kernel - Cornelius - Fleck!"

Book Two has different characters than book one did. Except for one. And that one character is most definitely my favourite of all characters and I hope to see more of him soon! I am totally not going to say who it is though!

I am discovering that calling this story a horror story, isn't really accurate. Sure there's blood and guts, and kills, but overall horror doesn't fit. It's not bone-chilling or Freddy Krueger, thank goodness! And that would be why I am really enjoying these! This book was only 110 pages long and it was action packed, fast moving, and fantastic.

Kernel is a most interesting character. His thought process and way of grieving is unique. I also find it very strange how his parents decided to handle it. Lord Loss kinda reminds me of the Shinigami from Death Note. How they become obsessed with something, Ryuk bored drops a notebook for entertainment. Lord Loss for entertainment allows something to happen because he wants to see what will happen. I most did not expect the twist in the end, but it makes allot more sense than anything else. 

I really wonder if we will see more of Art.

But I can't wait or debate book two any longer! I am off to find book three!!