The Demonata #3

Slawter by Darren Shan

So I messed up on the books. I read Bec before Slawter... book four before book three. It threw me off a little. I enjoyed Bec so much more than Slawter. It was hard getting back into the minds of Grubbs, Bill-E, and Darvish.

Darvish was the hardest one because he wasn't himself. He was old and worn out.

This book did not have enough action allot was just build up. Build up to the final battle which was fantastic, but very brutal and mostly consisted of fighting and not enough thinking. I don't know the story was just to slow for me.

I want to know more about Juni and what she did to Chuni?
I want to know how Grubbs hid it and what happens.
Does Grubbs ever met the man who started the Disciples?

So I am off to read book five! Review of book for is on Wednesday. (Teaser Tuesday is gonna be of book 5)

Happy Reading