The Demonata #4

Bec by Darren Shan

The third book in the series has none of the characters from the first two. At first that kinda annoyed me cause my favourite character is Darvish and I wanted more of him, but then I feel in love with Bec, Bran and Goll.

And as much as the characters weren't the same we get more background on the ones in the first two books. For example we come to know how Grubbs family curse came about. And how Lord Loss became interested in Chess. I find these facts most interesting when you take all the books as a whole. Darren Shan is really good a weaving the story so that everything while seems unconnected is still connected with references. Vein, one of the most disturbing characters so far is one consistent character and one that will drive me crazy I am sure as I continue reading the series.

But I am off topic again! Back to

"Bec. It means 'Little One'. It's what Goll called me when he first found me I was proud of the name. It was the only thing I owned, something nobody could ever take from me"

At first I wonder if this book was taking place in another dimension but the more I read the more I feel the book takes place in the stone age or something.

Bec is my favourite character because of how she talks about herself. Totally unsure but always does the right thing. Typical main character, has some many bad things working against her. I did not expect how it ended, it was shocking and I am annoyed at it, but it fits, maybe. I haven't actually decided yet... I will probably decide later... have to see how the story continues

Bran I loved his ability and I want a clear explanation. Is he handicapped? Why can he make the demons respond that way? Where did he come from? How old is he?

Goll what a funny old man!!

The most interesting part of the book was the talk of Christians. 

"Christians are new to our land, but already it's hard to imagine a time when they weren't here. They've spread as fast as rabbits, bringing their churches and unnatural ways into tuath after tuath, converting everyone they encounter. I've never met a Christian but from what I've heard they're powerful and persuasive, with no tolerance for other ways of thinking. They believe all people should follow their faith, that no gods are real except their own.
The Threat of Christians was a major worry for us before the Fomorii came. Even though we were far removed from any of the infected tuatha, we knew we couldn't hope to avoid them forever."

Darren Shan has some interesting thoughts on Christians. And this makes me really wish I could just do my research and decide once and for all where I stand in the world.