The Demonata #5

Blood Beast by Darren Shan

GAH!!! Why do I read... I hate books with horrendous endings! After book three being a complete bore and book four a completely different set of characters this book was a complete surprise!

And I am totally not happy with the ending :(

Loch... he frustrated me and annoyed me and I am okay with the way his story ended.

Bill-E... I really hope what was mentioned in the end didn't happen. That would be really bad.

Darvish... him falling in love! So nice. So refreshing and so very short.

Juni... ummm wow

And I finished this book at 1 in the morning... but I am totally not waiting to start the next book. It just ends! In the middle of a battle! Like it was a manga or something! Actually this whole series for how short the books are really reminds me of a manga series.