The Demonata #6

Demon Apocalypse by Darren Shan

You know I have read many books about life after the apocalypse and many about life leading too. But maybe only one other book that I've read has ever described it while it's happening.

This review does contain spoilers from the first 5 books of the series, so if you haven't read them maybe don't continue reading this review.

Beranabus is Bran! Who knew. I had been hoping for it but I didn't hold out for it to be true! But it is and that makes me so happy! It also really makes me want to know more about his story and how he became the person we read about in the later books compared to him in book four Bec.

Time Travel... It seems like a convenient save to the hero's story. I don't like the time loop but it works. I also like that the chances of one person being that powerful is very slim and it took three to do it the first time.

Bec... GROSS took over Bill-E's body. Very disturbing. But boy do I want more! How does she find the twentieth century? How does she adapt?

I love that the books are so short! Easy quick reads taking less than a day each!