The Demonata #7

Deaths Shadow by Darren Shan

"Now quit stalling, get up there and put him in his place. And remember," she grins, "he's only a man. They're the inferior half of the species. He'll be putty in your hands."

I loved this book and totally hated it. There are so many good quotes

A paranoid person has one escape route, easy to spot if your foe has a keen eye. But a real paranoia freak always has a second, less obvious way out."

The reason I love the book is 
1. Bec is in it and she is awesome! I love her new power
2. Meera loves Dervish!
3. Dervish is almost back to his self that I love, as in the Dervish from book two with spikes and everything. 

He's also given himself a full head of silver hair and stuck it up in six long, purple-tipped spikes. 

4. We get back story on Beranabus and that is awesome. No quotes for him but the Minotaur put is very interesting.
5. There are interesting notes made by Bec about demons

One thing about demons-they love to spit acid.

6. I like the commentary before fights... usually it annoys me like in episodes of Bleach but Deaths Shadow has an interesting take on it. 

"Don't knowck the insults," Dervish growls. "This is the best part of a fight. If you don't get the digs in at the beginning, there'll be no time later."