The Demonata #9

Dark Calling by Darren Shan

The bad thing about writing a review a couple hours after you finish a book on a series that you've been loving so much that your blitzing it... everything runs together.


The Kuh-Gash, I find it most interesting that it speaks to Grubbs, Bec, and Kernal in different ways and that they all have different functions.

The Ark, seems like a lame way to get out of the battle but doesn't actually help. Honestly the ark would just allow Kernal to avoid battle for a few years and then he would have to face The Shadow alone without his friends or the Kuh-Gash and by then The Shadow would be way bigger. Why not face it when he has the most support.

I just can't really review a book that didn't really answer any questions but just filled in  things. Like they can use the Kuh-Gash but there's no way they can control it without reversing all time. So now I just have questions

Does Bec betray the group?

Is Juni finally dead? She's only been killed three other times so far.

When did Grubbs become such an ass and is it bad that I still really like him and this new bad ass side!

Does Dervish live? Fingers Crossed!!! Oh and there was no Shark in this book :(

And now off to read the tenth and final book!