The Demonata #10

Hell's Heroes by Darren Shan

The End...
The Final Battle, the final book, the chapter closed

"Once we're all strapped in, we take off. Curly and Moe howl happoly and stick their heads out of the windows. As much as they hate planes, they love helicopters. Werewolves-go figure!"

Shark does come back for a bit. I treated him like I did Dervish and that's as if they never aged like Kernal. Except I forgot that Kernal had stayed in more in Demon Worlds than on Earth while Dervish and Shark stayed on Earth and aged. They got old and frail and their bodies stopped being able to handle the stress of being a disciple. Each came to an end, both very fitting.

Bo from Slawter makes a small appearance. That makes me happy, as much as I hadn't really thought about her, it's nice that she was included in the end.

I like the use of the werewolves. They were the comic-relief in an otherwise gruesome book. I like the part where Grubbs is searching for a worm and his guard dog comes along only to find a sandwich and eat that while Grubbs fights! This is a good quote of one of those comic-relief moments.

"Curly and Moe start to follow. Then Moe splashes Curly. She yelps and splashes him back. Within moments they're involved in a water fight, rolling around, wrestling and dunking each other, barking like a pair of puppies."

Some of the questions I asked in my book nine review.... yes Dervish dies but in a peaceful way. Yes Bec is bad but in the end she's not and it's all for the good of mankind.

Final thoughts:
In the book 4 - Bec. Christians are new to the world and slowly converting people. Bec's tribe isn't overly happy with this because it is taking the magic out of the world. And coming from a very heavy Christian background seeing/hearing that from the other side is an interesting perspective. I can totally understand people being offended by the Christians and them 'taking over the world'

And that brings me to the Big Bang Theory. Something this series has casually mentioned but fully explores in book 10. The Big Bang Theory is something odd for me, I never was taught it and it has been ingrained in me that it's totally wrong and their a bunch of coots. So reading about it was fascinating but weird at the same time. And leaves me ending this series... confused I guess. I am not really sure what to think.

It's all very interesting. I think I am being directed towards books that will cause me to think and actually make up my mind on what I believe. Which is also a very interesting thought.

All in all I really enjoyed this series and am buying the original cover ones off of Book Depository.

Happy Reading!