A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

Another book recommended by Ky and Lindz. I just hadn't realize that the book was so small, I read it in under two hours. What I also didn't realize was how hilarious the book would be.

The Baudelaire Children find themselves orphans and in a horrible situation. I am sure you have all heard the story or at least seen the movie. I think that Sunny was my favorite character. First she had to look at books about teeth and the best thing you know about her is that she likes to bit people's hands. If it's a soft bite she likes you. I am curious to exactly how old Sunny is. But here's a quote and off I am to read another book

For instance, this morning she was saying "Gack!" over and over, which probably meant, "Look at that mysterious figure emerging from the fog!"

Oh and I find it interesting how the author explains words, like perished and repulsive.

Happy Reading