Sold by Patricia McCormick

I have been beaten here,
locked away,
violated a hundred timesand a hundred times more
I have been starved
and cheated,
and disgraced.
How odd it is that I am undone by the simple kindness of a small boy with a yellow pencil 

The Friend who went to Nepal has come back and was telling me about her trip and the recommended this book. I bought it that night and was delighted to discover that the book is written in verse format. I have never read anything in verse before. I don't know what to say about this book other than Patricia McCormick is an amazing writer and the fact that this still happens today is horrifying. There is a review on Goodreads by Ms. Whitehead that does it better justice than I ever will be able.

Sold is an eye opening read.

Patricia McCormick has written a few books, check out her website here