A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket
Book the Third.

I find it ironic... or whatever the correct word may be that the book is called Book the Third when inside the story Aunt Josephine is a complete stickler for grammar. I also assume that Aunt Josephine would have a heart attack over how bad my grammar is. Cause in truth my grammar is horrendous. 

"This car says, 'it's,' with an apostrophe. I-T-apostraphe-S always means 'it is'. You don't mean to say 'Every boat has it is own sail.' You mean simply I-T-S, 'belonging to it.' It's a very common mistake, Captain Sham, but a dreadful one.''

Other than the first book, I think this one was my favourite. It was very entertaining. My favourite part being the peppremints, when Mr. Poe first hands them to the Baudelaire orphans and later when they do finally eat them. 
I am curious as to how the story will continue as there was talk of boarding school... I think though it will be a while before I get the next book as there are so many other books I must read first.