Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

Rapture, book four (see books 1,2,&3 here)

Another girl in a dress with long black hair books. I use to love these types of covers now I just find them overdone. Why couldn't it have been wings or something on the cover this time. Though I suppose this covers does stick with the theme of the other covers.

I wanted to hate this book. I was/am tired of love triangles and silly girls who must be rescued. And yet, I couldn't hate it because there's so many other good things. Take this line for example

Dee's eyes never left the Qayom Malak, even as she tossed Cam the towel draped over her shoulder. "Oh, it's far worse, Cam. Now you've got to clean."

The portals, dimensions, outcasts, and replica's were pretty awesome in this story, but what I enjoyed the most

is that Lucy's first love wasn't Daniel and she comes to find this all out of her own, and while the others could have told her and that would have made things simpler and less dramatic. The whole curse evolved around her thinking for herself. Not to many girl characters think enough for themselves. I really enjoyed how the ending came about and Bill's part in it. I also enjoyed the last chapter where two people are being watched by everyone else.

I did have one big issue, Daniel fights with the Outcasts verbally about not destroying the scales, but is okay with Roland and Dee setting up a fire trapping and killing thousands of them. It just doesn't make sense and it really bothered me especially because after that, their journey was boring (except for minor sandstorms) and you would think if killing the Scales had tipped the scales they would have had to battle their way to the top of the mountain. (yes there's bad guys called Scales in the book)

All in all a great series, but I just don't think I will read it again, once you reach the end you get the spoiler and the rest just kinda seems long and drawn out. I think one major issue for me right now is that my taste are evolving YA is starting to bore me, I want something with depth, that's hard to read and you must study it to figure everything out. Once I get through this months list of books, I think I will have to get back into Jane Austen and some older author's for some deeper thinking.