Dreamland by Alyson Noel

Book Three, in the Riley Bloom Series

I love this series. Riley is such a fun little girl, totally care-free and well, I just enjoy having something so light and fuzzy to read.


And yet in the end Riley grows so much. She is very whining and me me me in this book. But that was the point of the lesson was to learn what aging really means. It's not so much the age or the number it's your personal growth.

This book really really made me want to read about Riley's sister. The dream sequence was definitely my favorite scene and I want to know more about Ever's 600 year-old boyfriend.

Satchel was also an interesting tragic to the tale. I hope we see more of his journey in Whisper. What a way to live a life, the poor boy. So glad I already have Whisper bought! I just know that Riley will help Satchel out!