Causal Enchantment Series

Anathema, book 1 by K.A. Tucker  is a very good book. I really want to find number two now, cause it just kind ends, right in the middle of things. But for once that didn't piss me off, there was conclusion to the story. My favorite character is Sofie, what a tragic story and to now have to live thousands of years with that kind of guilt!

Next is Amelia, again horrible tragedy but she is a wonderful cheerful person. I am sure there were moments in her life she wasn't but that wasn't included in the story. I like how she, Fiona, and Bishop add a some fun to an otherwise sad story.

There was a touch of a love traingle in this book. But it was an odd one. First there was two girl after one guy, which is very unusual, secondly one was crazy and the other was human. So the traingle didn't actually bother me like it usually would have. The insta-love did kinda bother me until the spent the day in bed, now that may sound a little odd. I don't read books with bed things in them and this one was no exception they spent the day laying in bed talking with her tightly wrapped in a sleeping bag so they couldn't do anything, (bonus) and it reminded me of when Mr. and I first started dating and all the hours we spent snuggling and chatting.

Team MaxI have always wonder what the world would come to, if vampires took over enough that humans became extinct. This had a good look at it. I am also wondering if anyone of them realized the consequences of it happening again. Caden lightly brought it up but it wasn't massively discussed and in the end they were just wanted to be free and have a fresh start.

The name of the book does confuse me, Anathema. There is no mention of anything called Anathema. So I would like to know how the author came up with it for the name. I would have preferred something tied to the actual story. I do cover like what the series is called Casual Enchantment, now that was a good choice!

I am very curious as to how book two will go!! Hopefully I find a copy soon! K.A Tucker's Blog!

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