Paskagankee by Allan Leverone

I finished the book and sat thinking about what to say and the main thing I came out with, is that the kindle version included a chapter for book two. Even though the story has no reason for a continuation and I did not want to read the chapter. While I very much enjoyed the story of Paskagankee, it is a horror and I am not much for horror.

An isolated village, remote and vulnerable. A series of brutal murders.
And a vengeful spirit born of tragedy, reawakened after a centuries-old massacre.
Three distinctly different people must come together, racing against time and their own personal demons in a desperate attempt to stop an unstoppable killer and save their town.
Welcome to Paskagankee, Maine. You may not survive the visit

What I liked about this story is that there are characters who have stories, some depth and baggage. It's not just blonde bimbo's running around being rescued by handsome suitors, though there is a pretty nasty redhead. Because the characters had something to them I was able to handle the very gruesome blood baths.

This book actually reminds me of Frank Peretti's books without the christian twist. Though religion came up it was put in a very interesting way. For example the book mentions how catholic's believe that when the priest blesses the bread of communion it literally becomes the body of Christ, so why would a native american believe not become truth? It is a very interesting point.

I also like how the professor says it's all about us having close minds, but this won't really make sense without references, which I can't provided. I book marked multiple pages to quote and mention, but kindle isn't smart enough to handle bookmarks and I'm to0 tired to go through and search for the ones I wanted.

It is most interesting reading a horror. Now I am definitely gonna read something fluffy!

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