Black Butler Vol 9 by Yana Toboso

Black Butter is my favorite manga.

I wish a new book came out more often then every three months.

Volume 9 reminds me of the game clue. It's a murder mystery with a twist. And through the night one by one the guests are dying. I really like the professor, he is a new character to the story line. He is most interesting and I am curious as to his background. At first I thought he was a distant relative of the queen but his behavior around rich socialites says he's not.

My favorite part of the book is Page 25 and a cute flower gets stitched onto Minny's hat, her reaction is hilarious, totally confusion! The worst thing possible happens in this book as well. I can't even say what it is because it's a major spoiler. I am really really hoping that it gets fixed in the next book. Or I don't know what I will do. It was such a shocking thing to happen.

And then it ends in a cliffhanger, like mid conversation cliffhanger! I really am glad I already have volume 10.

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