Black Butler Vol 10 by Yana Toboso

Thank goodness I had this one on hand when I finished volume 9!

Volume 10 starts off right where 9 left. Thankfully! AND it fixes the major thing that irked me in volume 9! But of course some very interesting things happen first! My favorite thing being the discovery of the kittens! Which I shared in yesterday's Teaser! I just love Ciel's reaction.

I also found the note made of food to be very interesting.

"Each herd not only has its own taste and unique flavour, but medicinal properties as well and among them are many that control appetite. An herb such as fennel is a prime example by using it and its like to flavour the earlier courses, you can control the total amount of food consumed."

I had no idea, I'll have to pick some fennel up! The story goes on to make soy beans into steaks!

Sad I have to wait until October to get Volume 11, but at least this one ended on a semi completed note!

Happy Reading.

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