The Giver Quartet

The Giver (book 1) is one of my favorite books. It's hard to review a favorite and the fact that I have never reviewed it on the blog before is very strange. I don't think I have read this book in a long time. I am greatly over due on reading it. Reading Crewal reminded me of that.

I have reread this series so many times, I don't really know where to start for a review. So instead I am just going to mention so interesting points (interesting to me anyways)

This review does contain SPOILERS. You have been warned.

Sameness, the idea of sameness is interesting. You take out all accepts of individalitiy and suddenly there is no reason to fight because everyone has the same. I do not think I would do well in this type of environment. But I have seen similar concepts. Take Hutterites for example. They all wear the same similar homemade clothing have identical houses, share kitchens. Of course Giver is a extreme example of this with their birthing system and Hutterites have unlimited numbers of children. But the general idea is there.

Precise language, the concept is to eliminate misunderstanding, words can not be twisted or misused. The one example I can think of is where the one child exclaims he is 'starving' and he is scolding because he in truth is not starving and will never starve. The other example is when Jonas asks his parents if they love him. They are stunned and do not understand the question. He actually is scolded for not being precise.

I am so excited to be off and reading Gathering Blue next!! TTYL

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