The Giver Quartet

Gathering Blue (book 2) is very different from the simple life of The Giver. The Giver order is everything nothing is unorganized even games are controlled. There is no pain, or fear or feelings. Gathering Blue is the opposite. There is pain and fear is everywhere.

I like how names are how you tell the age of a person. Kira is two syllables old. Annabella is four. That is how you are defined first. Next is your status... no one in this world is crippled, or slow only the fastest, fittest, smartest people are allowed to exist. Next is how strange the lies are. It is amazing what people are willing to believe.

Matt and Branch are my favorite supporting characters. How could you not love a crazy dirty tyke and his bent tail dog. They are an interesting pair and add allot of humor to the story. I also found the reference to the cross amusing

"Then, they had sat with the crowds on rows of benches, facing the stage that was furnished only with an altar table holding the Worship-object, the mysterious wooden construction of two sticks connected to form a cross. It was said to have had great power in the past, and the people always bowed briefly and humbly toward it in respect"

I wish there was more of Kira's story, I want to know how it ends with Jo and Thomas and how the help the singer. If they met up one day with Christopher and the others. I am dreamed of how that would happen many times. But I really would love to see it written.

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