Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

Snakehead, book 7

It has been one year since I've read an Alex Rider book. I don't remember much from book six, so it was a surprise to find Alex coming in from space in a pod, landing in the ocean and surviving.  I finally decided to just enjoy the story not worry about the crazy stunts (it only took me 6 books to figure this out)

Alex seemed a little more grown up in this one. He made smarter decisions, but then he would still go through with whatever was being asked of him. This book was a little more scary for him, there was always the idea that he might die before but this time it was a bigger reality.

I think the thing that bothers me most though is that these great big bad guys never take the shot and always tell Alex their BIG secret plans. For once I would just like to met a bad guy that didn't give everything away! We find out more details to Alex's family past/history in this book but that part of the story felt unnecessary for me just due to the fact all the answers felt answered already. But without Alex's desire to know MORE about it the story won't have happened and the world would have ended in a big BANG!

There was only one twist I didn't see coming and it actually disappointed me. Does everyone have to betray everyone else??

Overall this is a light easy read, that I enjoyed. But I kinda doubt I will continue reading the series at this point. Happy Hump Day!

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