Abraham Lincoln by Seth Grahame-Smith

The last book I read by Seth Grahame-Smith, I really enjoyed. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where the girls finally kick up their skirts and have fun. I was hoping for some light-heartness fun again.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter started out that way with the introduction of the author and his discovery of Abraham's journals. But then the story became more and more serious until the end when he is finally assassinated. Then the story tries to redeem itself with the supposed idea what Abraham becoming a vampire in the end.

I enjoyed the book for the most part until the third part of the book. Then it turned into politics and war and I started skipping sentences because it was just dull. I probably would have rated the book a 4 out of 5. But because of that last chapter and last idea what Abraham turned into a vampire I am rating the book just a 2.

First I don't think he would have allowed himself to become one after saying no when his two children died. Why would he when everything he had, has died? And when he banishes vampires from his site? It just doesn't/didn't make sense.

Anyways the beginning with Abraham's childhood and first love was most interesting. As was his training. (I do however like the cover... and the pictures in the book where there is 'proof' of vampires HAHA made it interesting)

The book just wasn't as good as P&P&Z....

Happy Friday!

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