Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

Book 3the final installment of the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series.

I don't remember the other two books being this many pages. But they are. I think it's because I didn't have a chance to just sit down and blitz through this story. It took me a couple days where the first two I blitz through.

Review... I word that was used that even the characters didn't know what it meant
Mensch (Yiddish: מענטש mentsh, from German: Mensch "human being") means "a person of integrity and honor."

"You're a mensch," he said. 
"I have no idea what that means," I replied. 
"Me neither. Sam said it the other day. I liked the sound of it."

While it's been over a year since I've read the first two. I didn't find it hard to catch up or remember things when it was mentioned in the story. Shelby was a big surprise though and I enjoyed her ending.

Cole though was my favorite character. He's observations where most interesting

"Grace and Same had engaged in a wordless argument that somehow managed to involve only their eyes and then she had won,  because she started making scones, and Sam had sulked on the couch with his guitar. If she and Same ever had kids, they'd be gluten-intolerant out of self-defense"

I've totally lost my train of though... thinking about the Tin Drum LOL

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