The O'Malley's

The Guardian, book 2 by Dee Henderson

It's hard having a favorite because each one is so good in their own way
I relate with Marcus because I feel protective
I run away from that feeling more than accept it like he does
The books are getting more preachy
But I except that and it makes me wonder if I am ready to research more into it
I would love to be able to write like Shari
I like that Marcus expects BIG dreams from everyone and expects them to reach then
Quinn is also pretty awesome even if he does like ranch life over city life. Can't wait to read more of his story too
I'd like to know more about the memory tricks Shari used
I would really like to know what 484-8462 means. Pretty sure it's hug time. But I don't have an old phone around to check the keyboard and I don't know how to check on mine
I find it curious how they use pagers and it's called a cellphone not just a cell. It's a very different time frame that 2012. I didn't think 2005 was that long ago. But I suppose it makes sense.

It's to bad I am not doing a read-a-thon right now. I am reading these books nonstop! It's 899 pages in 24 hours so far!

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