The O'Malley's

Truth Seeker, book 3 by Dee Henderson

I find it interesting that many of the habits I have taken over the years are a direct result of reading these books. Not many of these habits are known. But the main one would be not sitting with my back to a room and while I don't do it as frequently as I use to. Whenever I walked into a place I always scanned it to find another way out. It is interesting how my insercuties have slowly disappated over the years. You also see this with the characters in the books they are always wound up tight at the beginning but by the time the end has come they've relaxed. And it's always due to falling in love, a most interesting fact to me. 
Out of all the books pretty sure this one is my least favorite
Which is funny because so far it is the only one that has made me cry. 
There's allot more religion in this one more than I could handle and more parts skipped
I find it interesting that this one was about solving a mystery in their past and yet it kind felt like bringing a part of my past forward. 
I find it strange how emotional connected I feel to the books to the point that I can't really review them properly
Not sure if this is just due to my lack of sleep
And cause I can't seem to do much of a review here's a quote... a long one
"Stage one had been direct. Jack had slugged him. A fast right cross had caught him on the jaw line and come close to rounding what had always been a rather square jaw. Quinn had found himself flat on his back in the hospital parking lot, looking up at the sky, feeling like a truck had hit him. He hadn't even seen it coming.
Quinn had shaken off the stars to find Stephen, the paramedic in the family, standing over him, yelling at Jack. Quinn had moved to touch his jaw, and Stephen had looked down and given him a blistering order not to move or he would finish what Jack had started. The dynamic duo of brothers had been mad at him for letting Lisa get hurt; they'd just differed on how to most effectively make their point.
Marcus had arrived in the middle of the exchange. The man had flown back to Baltimore and arrived to find his sister still in surgery. Quinn had stayed on the ground precisely because he was the man's partner. Marcus was the oldest O'Malley and guardian of the group, and he took Lisa's welfare personally. Marcus wouldn't just make his jaw ache, he'd break it. It wouldn't be the Christian thing for Marcus to do, but it would be the older brother thing to do. Quinn wasn't willing to find out which would win out."

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