The O'Malleys

The Protector, book 4 by Dee Henderson

Firefighters are insane and amazing people
While the other Four O'Malley jobs are pretty awesome they are more in the realm of impossibility. But what Jack does is very real and thousands of people do it.
I like how Jack and Rea would be chatting about something and she would switch subjects so randomly he felt like his head was snapped around and he hadn't to figure how the subject change came about. I do that to Mr. occasionally. I think I think similarly to Rea and am very interested in hearing more of her story.

Favorite Line
"Don't look like that."
"Like what?"
"Interested." she muttered.
"I am."
"Your timing is awful." He hadn't placed her as easily embarrassed  but she was now. "I think my timing is just fine," he smiled tenderly rubbing her chin with his thumb. "But I'll let you think about it a bit."

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