Don't Blink by James Patterson

This is my first book by James Patterson. I read it because Proud Book Nerd wrote about it. And she was right. It's not my favorite, the beginning is a little graphic for me. Overall James Patterson's writing is amazing but the suspense wasn't suspenseful and Nick Daniels felt/feels like a bit of a prick to me. He was very full of himself. But I think that's what allot of journalists are like that (I have met a few good ones, but books always portray them in a not so nice way)

I read through this in one night. Mostly because I just wanted to get the horror over with. But in general there was only one part that was horrific... to graphic for me and very blood. There was another one similar but Nick caught the aftermath and wasn't an actual witness to the event.

I am curious if other books by James Patterson are similar. I am definitely willing to give them a try. I haven't read something in the adult genre that I was willing to try again. I am getting tired on the love triangles of Young Adult and think it's almost time for me to move on... Just not sure where to from here. James Patterson's novels are a good step in the right direction, just need to skip that first graphic scene :)

Happy Reading.

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