The Adventures of Jack Brenin

The Golden Acorn, Book 1 by Catherine Cooper

Jack Brenin's life changes the moment he finds a golden acorn lying on the grass. He gets caught up in an extraordinary magical adventure and enters a world he only believed existed in legend. He's sure he's been mistaken for someone else. He's neither brave nor strong so how could he be "The One" an ancient prophecy speaks about? He's no idea why he's expected to help, unsure if he wants to, or even if he can.

I really like the cover on this one.

1. It's unique, unlike 99% of covers out there
and 2. It's very true to the story. 
Jack's mouth was open again, only this time he did close it. He was too busy trying to think about the ordinary looking twig in his hand.

I enjoyed this book. It was a super easy light read, which was exactly what I needed. The story got better the further you got in. It's written for very young adult, I would say 12-14 and at times that kinda annoyed me. But as the main character is in that age range I found that he didn't have all the hormonal issues girls characters have in lots of other books. It wasn't about his feelings or emotions (especially towards other people) it was about what was happening to the forest, the raven, and the druids. While the druids in this story are completely different from D&D druids it was still fun 'learning' more about them. 
The ending was quick and then it was just over. It ended to aburptly for me, but now that I know it's a series it makes sense where it ended. I just wasn't very happy with it. It's not exactly a cliffhanger, that chapter does close with not many un-answered question. But it does leave you with enough that you want to know more. So I may in the future have to such out the rest of Jack Brenin's story. 
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