Short Story Week

Welcome to the second year of Short Story Reading Week. I've been compiling short stories all year for this month and am pretty sure I actually have enough to do almost the whole month! So this may go on for longer than a week. I have not yet decided.

I was going to save this for November... But I decided to pick up a Haunted tale in lieu of today being Halloween! And so I picked up a short 32 page bridge story

A Haunted Destiny by Ellie James
Midnight Dragonfly #1.5 
Kindle Free Short Story

I like the connection between the cover and the story.
I would like to know if this was written before or after Hurricane Katrina.
The description of New Orleans is most interesting.
I would like to know why she had to change her name, but still has a childhood friend around. People usually change their name because they are leaving everything behind.
Marguerite is an interesting choice of name.
Haunted houses, cemetery tours in rain storms, and creepy guys. I would be curious as to how the rest of Midnight Dragonfly would be.

Haunted houses seems like a good way to end the month of October! Happy Halloween! Hope you had a 'scary' one!

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