Short Story Week

Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Kindle Free Short Story

I love the idea of a haunted old theater reopening to the public and the owner a brand new vampire. Even though it's a short story I did not figure out who was the bad guy or girl. That is something that is usually obvious with short stories. And that is also why I enjoyed this one so much.
I really liked Cynthia's writing and I am pretty sure I have another short shory of hers but I hope to include for this week. I think I will also have to check out her book series Tantalize.

SIDENOTE: Short Story Week
Do I include each story as a book read or not? Feels like I am cheating when I want to read 88 books this year but these ones are 30-60 pages long. Maybe I should start keeping track by pages read instead, make my goal an average of the last three years and a little. But pages are hard to track especially as the kindle is stupid and doesn't do pages and fonts are always different sizes in books.

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