Frozen Prospects by Dean Murray

I have had my kindle for almost a year now. I do not buy books on my kindle. I get all the books I read on it free through twitter or the like. I have yet to read a book through my kindle that I would actually buy (as far as I can currently remember). Frozen Prospects does seem to be an exception to this. The very first thing I wanted to do upon finishing this story was order it from Book Depository and mail it to my book loving friend. However this book only seems to be in EBook format, much to my disappointment.

Frozen Prospects by Dean Murray

The invitation to join the secretive Guadel should have been the fulfillment of dreams Va'del didn't even realize he had. When his sponsors are killed in an ambush a short time later, he instead finds his probationary status revoked, and becomes a pawn between various factions inside the Guadel ruling body.

Jain's never known any life but that of a Guadel in training. She'd thought herself reconciled to the idea of a loveless marriage for the good of her people, but meeting Va'del changes everything. Their growing attraction flies against hundreds of years of precedent, but as wide-spread attacks threaten their world, the Guadel have no choice but to use even Jain and Va'del in their fight for survival.

Va'del and Jain seemed like real people. They weren't conceited, they reacted like a normal person would to a situation

The world they live in is very different from any other world I have ever read about. And even at the end you still don't know that much about it. It was fascinating though.

I liked the ending. I liked Cindi, which I didn't expect too.

Thankfully there is a second book out already Thawed Fortunes, now to figure out away to get my hands on it!

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