Short Story Week

The Spook's Stories: Grimalkin's Tale by Joseph Delaney

I opened this book hoping it would be good for a possible quick Halloween feature (I know a very late one)... but it turned out to be a short story about a woman, who did something horrible to try to help her future, escape the rest of the horror, but instead her plan went horribly horribly wrong.

I should stop being surprised by the books I read. I expected Ghosts and Haunted Houses, instead I found witches and bones. Delaney Joseph spun a most interesting tale.

It seems Joseph Delaney has a whole website with Spook's Stories. A very interesting website indeed. This is definitely the closest to Halloween tales I have gotten too! It's too bad I read it two weeks after Halloween! Why do I always feel in the mood for Halloween days later?!?!

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