Short Story Week

Enthralled - Paranormal Diversions
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I have been wanting to read the short stories of Enthralled since I read about it on Proud Book Nerd's Blog. And now finally I am!

Things about Love bu Jackson Pearce

"Here are the things I know about love; It involves kissing.
It changes you. It's never where you expect."

Well she's right on all points but I dislike that her first opinion is kissing. There's a whole lot more to love than making out with a person.
Genies (she is a Genie!)! What an interesting concept. Something I most definitely have not read before.
Awww what a sweet story. I really liked this story... so much so I am not gonna review it. I think I will look for a book by Jackson Pearce.

Niederwald by Rachel Vincent

She (or he, that has yet to be determined… leaning girl though) flipped off a harpy with both hands.

First why did that matter and Second both hands is just stupid; it means you are giving the person too much attention. If he annoys you one finger in passing while you move to the next point of interest.

AND yes she is most certainly a girl. What I don’t understand is why she brought Em with her. But what I want to know who is Syrie… I would love to know more of her story. I wonder if this is a side story to other things Rachel has written. A big issue though I wasn't fond of the description not enough but too much at the same time.

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