The Immortal's

Blue Moon, book 2 by Alyson Noel

I had some interesting thoughts while reading this book. My main thought was disappointment. I was hoping for a good read a little more serious than Riley Bloom. Instead I've found a crazy guy who is all over the main character it's disgusting and then disappears with no explanation for three days. When he does finally show up he completely ignores her. AND her only thought

"But I just sign. Even though I can't explain it, and even though I don't understand it, I just know in my gut that things are more complicated than they might seem."

And while yes things are more complicated and there's a reason. I still feel that doesn't justify the actions of Damen or even her friends. How does one get over that. Especially when you take into the fact that she was already upset about his past.

I have only ever heard good things about these books. And yet I am so disappointed I kinda don't want to read on. Maybe my expectations were to high because of all the reviews and of how much I enjoyed Riley Bloom.

I will be reading one more book. They aren't that many pages long. Based on that one we will see if I continue reading it (though by then I'll be three out of 6 so... I probably will just finish reading them)

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